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Electrical and electronic equipment is crucial in the daily activities of today's businesses and individuals. Whether indoors or outdoors, proper wire and cable installation is of utmost importance - ensuring a smooth electricity supply, as well as passing electrical inspections. Each wire and cable has to be installed carefully, from the fuse box to the outlets, fixtures and appliances. The National Electrical Code (NEC) and Local Building Codes regulate the manner of installation and the types of wires and cables for various electrical applications.

There is no way to know how much protection a device has left, or if the initial rating is even true. To get some answers, the Wirecutter did a massive test on surge protectors, basically blowing them up to see how well they worked. (On a related note, definitely check out #10.

Cables usually are secured with special fittings where they enter electrical apparatus; this may be a simple screw clamp for jacketed cables in a dry location, or a polymer-gasketed cable connector that mechanically engages the armour of an armoured cable and gives a water-resistant connection. Special cable fittings may be applied to prevent volatile gases from flowing in the interior of jacketed cables, where the cable passes through areas where flammable gases are present. To prevent loosening of the connections of individual conductors of a cable, cables must be supported near their entry to apparatus and at regular intervals along their runs. In tall buildings, special designs are required to support the conductors of vertical runs of cable. Generally, just one cable per fitting is allowed, unless the fitting is rated or listed for several cables.

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If your house is older or if it is experiencing issues with its electrical supply, you might want to upgrade your electric service panel. An electric service panel upgrade ensures a safer home with greater, uninterrupted electricity flow. It's the perfect upgrade for remodeling an older home, adding new appliances, or enhancing your home with new luxury fixtures or lighting. To put it simply, it is what can make your home the best and brightest on the block.

A surge protector does much more than supply extra outlets. It's first and foremost a safety device, a relatively affordable way to protect expensive electronics. There is little reason for anyone to leave their office, den, or home theater with no one--or to hang onto old, worn-out surge protectors.

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Have a good look at the image of the duplex outlet above. Notice that the vertical slot to the left is more than the one to the right. This is an effort to polarize the outlet so that things such as a lamp won't have the hot wire on the sleeve section of the light bulb that would make it a larger shock hazard. IF the socket is wired properly, the white wire is connected to the longer neutral slot to the left and the sexy black cable is connected to the short slot to the right. Among the lamp cord plug blades is wider than the other and insures that the hot and neutral wires go to the right places.

We now have a dedicated service team with equipped service vans which could perform work in short order. Since our electricians have what they want available --specialty ladders, testing equipment, specialty materials, etc--they can finish the job well within the time you cover them. You can trust every Prairie member to become professional, clean, polite and knowledgeable.

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